How do your expectations for the class line up with what we intend to cover? Is there something else you would like to see included?

My technology class expectations are

  • To do photography
  • Coding (code academy)
  • Less blogging

I would really like to do code academy again. I think it is a really fun way to learn to code with specific instructions.

I definitely want to try the code an Arduino.

Looking forward to this class

What type of learner are you?

What type of learner are you?
My scores were:
Auditory: 10%
Visual: 85%
Tactile: 5%
Visual learners, learn by seeing pictures or by reading. I much more of a visual learner. I always have to see something to be able to understand to learn new material.

For new words, I need to make flash cards or have notes that the word has images. And I like color coding my notes and adding pictures it makes me remember more easily.

How do you think this will affect your work in this class and others?

I think that the type of learner you are really affects you during class. For example, I am a visual learner I need to see to be able to do it.

When I am taking notes after class or in class I will draw images around the important points.

It was great taking this short easy quiz! I really recommend it

Link for quiz:




What is Technology and How does Technology influences our lives?


What is technology? Technology is the art of science. Technology help us daily to mange our lives, and accomplish the daily tasks that require us to use electronic devices. Having technology will lead us to new world.  Technology is going to have much more improvement. Technology influences our lives because we have to use electronic devices in our daily lives. Companies have been renovating electronic devices and technology. Technology has also permitted us to let us communicate with our families and allowing us to connect with each other. Another example, is helping us with homework. Instead of searching with books we are online having access to much more information. Technology has help us with everything.

Something that impact me

I lived in Dakar for 5 years. One thing that I wonder was why are there only boys in the street? In other countries there is boys and girls. In third grade my teacher explain to us that the kids went to quranic school. In those schools kids are beaten for the minor mistake they do. Also their parents send them there because they think they will be treated well and learn.When actually they are forced to beg and the money goes to their teacher.I see children begging in the streets all the time. Every morning that I am going to school I see them begging.In third grade for the first time our class went to Samusocial. Samusocial is an foundation that help the “talibé”win money while they find his parents.The kids told us want happen to them. There was impacting stories.In 2014 the government found over 30,000 boys begging in the streets.  I wrote about the talibé because you can see them begging in the streets all the time. People don’t realize that if they don’t bring 2,000 cfa they will be beaten.